Friday, January 21, 2011

Winters flying by.

Winter's going by so quickly and i haven't written a thing. Time for some catching up!

I was fortunate enough to spend October at an artist residency in Amherst, Virginia this fall. It was amazing to be immersed in such a creative atmosphere and get back to my roots in my home state of Virginia.

Since I've been back in Baltimore I organized a house show of the work from the residency. I enjoyed  sharing my experience with my community here. The whole time I was at VCCA I thought how can I make my every day life more like this. I am happy to say that I realize that much of what I had at VCCA I have right here in Baltimore also. I just need to continue investing my time and energy into it. To read more about my experience at VCCA you check out this Radar Redux article For the Sake of Song.

Recently I have been hard at work on an art project with local band Wye Oak and photographer Michael Patrick O'Leary. I'm also excited for some art shows I have coming up this spring. I'm looking forward to  teaming up for some singing with The Shape Note Sisters in April and May.

More to come!


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