Tuesday, July 26, 2011

West Virginia, my home away from home

I recently spent a week in Elkins, West Virginia at the amazing Augusta Heritage Center. I performed my Elizabeth Whitmore shadow puppet crankie three times while I was there, along side fellow crankie maker Anna Roberts-Gevalt. The response was overwhelming. It's amazing for me to be able to share my artwork in a similar way that musicians are able to share their songs; to take it on the road and have an active exchange with people.
Anna and I with our crankies

Footage of Paper Fish Perfomance at Metro Gallery

Guy Werner recently posted his documentation of the live performance of Wye Oak's video Fish we put on at the Metro Gallery this past April. It was great experience to get to share the shadow puppet show live and work with Mike O'leary, his awesome lighting crew, Jenn and Andy of Wye Oak, Guy and Sarah of the Metro Gallery, and our amazing team of puppeteers. So wonderful to have this footage to remember it by. You can view it here on Push Play Record

photo by Neal J Golden